168th Knowledge Seekers Workshop 2017 04 20. Subtitles.



0:00:09 Intro videos.
0:08:43 Rick’s presentation.
0:09:53 Start MT Keshe.
0:10:55 Ghana architect plan.
0:23:30 About MOZHAN program.
0:34:24 Regarding tuesday cancer processing.
Q and A
0:46:26 Position for the Universal Council.
0:48:17 Dominique. GANS in the blood.
0:49:39 Jonathan. Suggested dosage for adults.
0:54:17 Krasmir. If the Sun is the Soul of the Solar System and the Planets are its physical manifestation, then what would be its Emotions?
1:03:30 Pictures made from the Amino Acid, in a salt environment.
1:45:35 Mendel. What happens when a light being travels through a different place in the Universe?
1:52:23 Christine. How can we know which transition to make on an outer part in the Universe?
1:55:08 James. is the Amino Acid the Void and does it act as a seed for the Physicality of the Man?
1:57:27 William. When our Soul goes to another environment, will our new bodies grow like crystals or will it gel into form in a way?
2:03:12 Andrea. Trinque?
2:04:40 Carolina. Infinity loop on pictures.
2:21:12 Sandy. How the body is going to change, when it gets in different environments?
2:26:11 New admin group for teaching.
2:32:03 Jalal. How come Earth have satellite like Moon?
2:39:37 Carolina’s Teaching.

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